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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask — We Answer

What is your new patient procedure?

Upon your first call, we will first need to know your name, date of birth, and insurance information if you have any.  Don't worry if your insurance is not in-network with us. We accept all PPO insurances as out-of-network providers as well.  And if you do not have dental insurance, we will explain to you our in office dental savings plan.   After scheduling,  expect an email and text from us containing your new patient forms.  We recommend you filling these out before your appointment if possible.  That way we have more time to focus on your dental needs in the chair!


Once you arrive, we ask that you check in on the dental side with our front desk coordinator.  With your permission, she will take a picture of you for your patient chart.  We will also need a picture of your license/personal identification and insurance cards.  You can also use this time to start filling out paperwork on our tablets if you were not able to do so before your appointment. 


Once we are ready to bring you to the dental chair, the assistant will lead you to the exam room.  Please let her know if you would like to watch TV with headphones during your dental appointment, need a neck pillow or need a blanket.  We want your visit to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. 

What if I don't have dental insurance?

Not a problem at all! Check out our In-House Dental Savings plan for patients that do not have dental insurance. 

How much does [insert dental procedure] cost?

This is a very common question, and we understand why.  Dental treatment can get expensive!  Although we wish we could just give a flat rate, it's just not that straight forward.  Cost of dental procedures depends on your dental insurance policy coverage and benefits.  We can give you a range but it will be very broad.

What insurances do you take?

Check out our list of insurances we plan on being in network with.

Do I really need x-rays? I'm not comfortable with it.

We get it. It's a little weird to have something directed at your face and beep. You are draped in an apron for protection and staff stays out of the way. Seems fishy.  Well, the answer is "yes, we really need those x-rays." The amount of radiation from a dental x-rays is actually less than the radiation we receive on a daily basis. The sun, cell phones, airplane travel (the longer the flight, the more radiation) are a few examples of radiation we are exposed to naturally. For example, going through an airport security scanner 80 times is equivalent to our daily radiation exposure when just living life. 80 times! Dental x-rays do not come close to this. What you and the dentist see in your mouth is only half the story. The rest is in your jaw bone and we need x-rays to view that for thorough diagnosis.  It's like looking at an iceberg.  Sure you see the top part above water, but the majority of its size is under the water.  We literally need x-ray vision to see that "under water" part of the tooth.  Here are some resources to read up on the safety of dental x-rays:

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