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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth show up in our mouths anywhere from age 17-21. Wisdom teeth do not always have to be removed, but the reason it is so common to see them taken out is because they come with a list of problems.  Pain, infection, damaging adjacent teeth, and decay are just a few reasons why wisdom teeth are routinely extracted.  They also often grow in the wrong way! Not very wise, huh? Hey, I'm allowed a corny dental joke every now and then.

 When wisdom teeth grow in the wrong way, it is best to have these removed by an oral surgeon which we would be glad to provide that information if it is a case we are not able to do in-house. Our goal is to eventually provide this service in-house with a specialist that comes monthly for the complicated cases. So stay tuned for this added amenity!

Growing Wisdom Teeth Pain On X-Ray.jpg
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