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Our Story

Primway Dental, PLLC started as an idea from Dr. Igun's husband. If you didn't know, Dr. Igun's husband is the other half to this office, Primway Medical, PLLC.  Primway Medical opened its doors in November 2015.  After 1-2 years, the idea of having a combined dental-medical office was born.  Many people think of oral health separate from overall health.  But more and more research is showing the two are very tightly knit.  Everything from heart disease to early preterm labor in pregnant women has been linked to dental health conditions. Both Dr. Adepeju Igun, DDS and Dr. Adeniyi Igun, MD want to educate patients that you can not take care of one and ignore the other.  Their vision is to spread the word that it is imperative to have comprehensive health check-ups routinely to keep on top of of your health.

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