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Root canal therapy

Some people hear the term "root canal" and want to run for the hills! We get it. It sounds intimidating and you have probably heard horror stories from someone you know.  But did you know that root canal therapy actually has an extremely high success rate in dentistry? 

So when is a root canal needed? All teeth have nerves and blood vessels inside of them which the dental community refers to as the pulp.  When the pulp becomes infected with bacteria, it's time for a root canal (assuming the tooth is not severely broken down).  The pulp can become infected either by deep cavities, some form of trauma to the teeth, or the teeth being broken to the point of pulp exposure. Whatever the reason, it can be painful for some patients.  Some patients don't feel anything at all. And some patients say they have a "pimple" on their gums.  This is most likely an abscess and needs to be addressed soon.  Infections in our teeth have the ability to travel in our blood stream to other parts of the body. 


So instead of running for the hills because you think you might need a root canal, why not run to our office instead and get that tooth fixed? 

We also offer Cherry payment plans for your dental treatment. Click here to find out more! 

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